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Required Info for a Fire Sprinkler Layout

Please provide the following info prior to the commencement of a project:

PDF & ACAD drawings of structure, building sections,  Architectural floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, Mechanical trade plans, erection drawings (pre-manufactured buildings), site & topograghical plans. Contract Engineered sprinkler plans if provided. If building plans are not available then we can survey and provide one at additional expense

Water flow test within one year (unless local utility is unable or unwilling to provide) then most recent: Static & Residual pressures in PSI and Gallons flowing (ex; 90/75/2200). Test hydrant locations & elevations in relation to the lowest level of structure.

System layout will be per the recommended practices of NFPA 13,13R,13D,14,20,24,25 & 101. Other NFPA codes may be used for special systems. Any additional requirements by the Project Engineer, Federal, State or Local AHJ Must be addressed prior to the start of any bid or project.